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December 10, 2016

About Me

Few words about me.

My IT background

I’ve studied Bioinformatics in Germany where I started my professional IT career. I then returned to Bulgaria where I spend 6 years working for companies like HP and Microsoft, before I landed here at VMware as a Senior Solution Architect.

LOVE the job, LOVE the place, LOVE the colleges!

If you are interested more in my technical background, check my CV.


My Passions

As for my passions. I have two.

First one is music. As a huge Rock and Metal fan i always wanted to play electric guitar. Couple of years ago I started self-teaching. Can’t say I did amazing progress on my own, but damn I love hitting those still wires.

Currently I’m proud father of two high-voltage children:

Ibanez RGA42 HH guitar with some custom work

Those pickups are just heavenly and oh boy what about those Ibanez necks 🙂

Fender Standard Stratocaster SSS guitar with maple top with some custom work

There are no words to describe the cherry top finish 🙂

Second one is photography. Again self-learning for the last couple of years. My current equipment is :

  • - Nikon D750 camera body
  • - Nikon 20mm 1.8G lens
  • - Nikon 85mm 1.8G lens.

Here are some of my favorite photos:

More you can find on my Facebook page Spas Kaloferov Photography.



I'm also a HUGE beer enthusiast. Follow me on Untappd app and see if you can do better